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Pro-Orator is a Public Speaking and Leadership academy. We offer Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Coaching and Mentoring for working professionals and Business Leaders.

Our Founder...


Shweta started Pro-Orator in 2016. She has over18 years of experience in Training and Human Resources. By qualification, she is an MBA in Human Resources. She  is Certified in:

  •  Certified Life Coach

  •  Certified Executive Coach

  •  Certified Train the Trainer 

  •  Certified Effective Coaching in Public speaking (From Toastmasters)


An Awardee of ‘Il Grande Oratore’ from Toastmasters International, a Motivational Speaker, Key-note Speaker and YouTuber.

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Sajid Bappu KA

There are times when even the best and the toughest will be in need to get better. Need for a new dimension of thought, making a bold career decision, a tough time in personal life, it can be anything. A good professional mentor can get you prepared to face it and come out with enormous confidence and faith in oneself. Shweta is one such person whom you can bank upon. She is gifted with the quality of listening, logic to invoke your thoughts and professionalism to help you mould your own solutions. From my experience, she has got some mindfulness tips too which she uses well to make you composed and focused.

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Ravi Kumar

Under the mentorship of Shweta ma'am, i have become a very confident person. My life has become easy and every
work that I do; I have a high degree of confidence in it. Now I have the understanding of linguistic nuances and the
art of public speaking. My ability to have a concise but definitive dialogue with people has improved a lot. Ma'am is
full of empathy and positive vibes, and in her presence all the hesitation just vanishes. Thank you!


Prashanth Gopalan

Two years ago, facing a career crossroads as a senior Project Manager, I hesitated to embrace a challenging leadership role offered within my organization. Struggling with confidence, I sought guidance from Shwetha and enrolled in a leadership program. The transformative journey focused on self-discovery rather than inundating me with textbook knowledge. It was a complete transformational journey for me. The best part of the program is about helps to re-discover you instead offloading lot of text book knowledge to you.


Ravichandran GR

 I want to express my deep thanks for the amazing impact  Shweta's  program had on me. Before joining, I was hesitant to talk to my supervisor, but her guidance changed that. The program was great, with personalized sessions that helped me quickly improve. Her exceptional program delivery, tailored one-on-one sessions, and astute corrections facilitated rapid improvement.. Now, I've transformed from shy to confident. Her coaching style, creating a safe space which was a great motivation for me . Thank you for being an excellent mentor, shaping my skills for the better. I truly appreciate your support.


Vinod Abhale

Based on my own experience, I strongly recommend Shweta if you are looking forward to take your communication skills and executive presence to next level. Each session with her is a journey of self discovery which builds more confidence. Her coaching not only helps in your professional life but I have seen big positive impact on my personal life…be it relationship with yourself or with family members.
Certainly her coaching bring positive change which you are looking forward.


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