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The Confident You- Taking Charge of Your Life!

The most beautiful embellishing jewel one can wear and needs to wear well, in a personality is Confidence- it is an unconquered strength, a virtue that takes us far beyond the success in life, that helps an individual in learning the lessons almost as important as the educational thinking and critical analysis and approach of the minds of the people.

The actual confidence comes from hours and days and weeks and years of dedication, determination, constant hard work, and passion for something- some goals that we set for our bright future and successful career.

Making a strong impression is what matters the most when it comes to the overall personality of a person. Having a pretty face and a strong and healthy body may be the new trends of a good personality of the times but it is for sure that these are not merely the only criterion for a good overall personality, a personality which cannot take stand for itself, which cannot take hold over the decision making of their life, their career, their future plans and even of what they do?

My friends! Confidence is a blessing in itself- a feeling by which the minds starts pondering over things when the mind starts to embark in good and noble thoughts and subjects with hope and staunch belief in itself. It’s a key to attain everlasting happiness in what we want to achieve in life and what work we choose to take up in our career. The Confident You are sure enough a concentrated strength to conquer half the world- if not full. However, what matters the most is the strife and strength behind the confidence that can shake the world to be under your control, to bow down as per your wishes and desired goals to succeed.

ख़ुदी को कर बुलंद इतना कि हर तक़दीर से पहले ख़ुदा बंदे से ख़ुद पूछे, बता तेरी रज़ा क्या है
(Translated) Make yourself so able to such an extent that even before your destiny or fate is decided, the divine creator has to ask you, "Child, what is it that you wish for"?
- Allama Iqbal

Fire in the soul to achieve your goal, hard work, determination, passion and a constant thrive for a high-five with a bit of style is what is needed the most in it.

If you are the Confident One

If you believe in Yourself, the world will begin to believe in You. And to be the Confident person, to take control of your life and it’s choices and decisions, it is very important to have faith in your abilities, then opportunities will come knocking at your door. Take charge of your life and actions and decision making will make you eventually wise. Now the point to think upon is that what does decision making actually means or taking charge of your life hold further- it actually means to be true to the person you are inside out, that means you’re being true to your soul, it means that you’re being true to yourself and to your raison d’etre (your purpose of living). It means that you’re taking charge of everything about your life, about your choices, about creating your strengths and weaknesses, all by yourself. Most importantly it means that never was there or is there anyone or anything but yourself to be held accountable for anything that you experience in your life, from all the lows to all the highs.

Ever since childhood, we used to hear from our parents, telling us that in order to be successful or to feel accepted- all we ought to do is to be ourselves. The Raw soul that we all are- which of course as a child we really did not pay much heed, owing to our childhood priorities and interests, but we see the same that is said by our teachers and mentors throughout our student life “Just Be Yourself, Have that Confidence in You”, right? And everybody seems to make it sound very simple but the truth is that learning to be yourself is the most difficult thing to achieve, if we do not have confidence in ourselves - just like a basket of vegetables without potatoes in it (on account of my personal interest in potato fries). Depending upon the different interests that we hold in our life, a personality without Confidence, a personality without taking charge of the do's and don’ts of life, about the choices and decisions of life, is of very little use and very less potentially constructive in nature.

The following are some of the major requisites in order to attain Confidence in your personality to achieve the benchmark of your set goals and desires. These are as following:

  • Initiating the first step towards doing any teamwork or any other deliberation

  • Face Yourself- In order to be yourself, you must first try to face and accept who you really are and what you really wish to achieve in life, your strengths, and your weaknesses.

  • Getting ready for the challenges in life, for holding the pros and cons for your desires.

A person is known by what a person gives back to other people and the impression it leaves on them is what plays the game here. You are what you reciprocate to others, it is you who takes charge of the negative or positive vibes to travel through your surroundings. You radiate what you absorb, so in order to radiate confidence, you must have an epitome of Confidence in you. Be the light you wish to receive from others, show the Confidence in you, in order to strive for the rights, for the decisions of your life.

To take control of your life and the decision making about its future prospects over even to exercise a hold over personal leadership is to take responsibility for yourself, of your actions and thoughts, of what you desire to achieve in life, of your aims and ambitions for something. It means to be connected with your values and vision and setting meaningful goals for yourself.


To have confidence in you, is to stand tall of the values and vision that you have in life. Possessing this Confidence can help you take charge of your life to the fullest, it adds that zeal and charm to your personality, giving it an overall shine, possessing this self-confidence can give you the wings to flutter and develop high levels of passion, hope, and empathy in an individual.

Confidence in a person gives them the strength to confront the challenges of the world and to pave a path for yourself that will lead you to achieve your dreams and aspirations in life.

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