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Time Management vs. Determination

The one thing that we can control on taking charge of, and the one very crucial thing that does not wait for anyone, is the correct moment which we wait for.

Time is indeed a very precious thing that one can lose if we do not use it with efficiency.

We all as human beings, might have got those lazy and mundane days and also those busy and rushing hours in our life. We all have had those trying times when we try to figure out the exact thing happening in our life, those time crunches and then those sleepy hollows of our lives, how we try to overcome that by setting our goals and their time of priority. We all might be very well aware that how we try to set our time schedule when our life is very hectic and busy and how with determination and passion we try to cope up with our work and fulfil our dreams.

Time management is a very crucial process of exercising and planning conscious control of the time which is spent in doing specific activities, especially to increase our work efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. Time management involves the reshuffling and juggling act of various demands upon a person relating to different aspects of work, hobbies, personal interests, social life, family and other forms of commitments with the finiteness of time. Basically, using the time you have for a particular work or any impulsive action, effectively gives the person, a sense of control and a feeling of "choice" on managing activities or spending of our own time and expediency as per our own will and our own decision.

Major Points of Time Management

There are some major points of concern arising on the concept of time management. These include the following:

  1. Creating an efficient environment: This is conducive to effectiveness on issues like terms of cost-benefit, quality of results, and time to complete the given tasks or project - Some time-management tasks stresses are related to the creation, the making of an environment conducive to "real" effectiveness and efficiency.

  2. Prioritizing: Some of the time management strategies are often associated and related to the prioritization of personal goals. The type of task work stresses more on themes such as:

    1. "Work by setting priorities in your tasks" – set goals and prioritize your work.

    2. "Set gravitational aims and goals" – that attract the actions and work automatically.

  3. Elimination of the non-prioritized work: This is a related process of reduction of time spent on trivial tasks. This further implies that the concept of time management also makes us aware of how to do smart work to increase productivity and eliminating the tasks that do not provide any value to the individual or to the organization.

  4. Implementation of goals: Setting a task list or a to do list for the tasks to be successfully completed can be very efficient and used in different thrust areas such as business management, self-management, project management and also other tasks such as software development. It may involve more than a single list at a time, depending upon the schedule.

  5. Determination: It is the golden virtue that helps in getting to achieve qualities in every sphere.

  6. Achievement: Little bit of sense of achievement is required when the realization of hard work and struggles strike us, because nothing is better than a satisfaction of struggles and hard work that make us feel worthy of the achievements.


Determination is a very powerful process of arising positive and emotional feelings that involves persevering towards a difficult ambition or goal in spite of the hindrances that come in that way of achieving the set goals of your life. The feeling of determination to goal attainment and the process in between that serves to motivate our behavior that will help us achieve one's goal. Many of the Empirical researches suggests that determination is not just a cognitive state rather an affective state of a peaceful mind. In the field of study in psychology, many of the researchers have brought about a study that determination under many other terminologies, including challenge and anticipatory enthusiasm may further explain the reasons for the relative lack of research-based study on the topic of determination, as compared to the other positive emotions.


Self-determination theory (SDT) is also known as a theory of dedication, motivation and passion towards our set goals and ambitions in our life. This is a very positive feeling that focuses on the interplay between individual personalities and experiences in the social contexts. It also results in the motivations for the autonomous and the controlled kind. Ultimately, our social environments seem to have a profound effect on both, sometimes intrinsic and at times extrinsic motivation and self-regulation.

The Appraisal theory

It puts forth that the concept of determination has three cognitive appraisal components to it. These appraisals are the parameters of how the situational circumstances and the environment interact with different aspects of the individual to create an influential meaning with emotional experience. In particular, the experiences of determination are evoked by the appraisals of motivational relevance, which further evaluates that whether a situation is relevant to an individual's commitments and goals and aims or not; then checks on motivational incongruence. The above appraisal components combine to bring on the experiences of determination that can then motivate the act of tendency to persevere and strive, to struggle towards mastery and perfection. In connection with this behavioral act of tendency, the appraisal theory further proposes that determination is actually associated with effortful optimism that refers to the belief that a situation can be further improved upon with some amount of effort from the individual.

The Difference between the Two- Time Management vs. Determination

To have goals in life is a very great thing actually, but to make those goals and muster the courage to work upon achieving them is what makes it large.

We must strive to fulfill our dreams and to make them turn into a reality. We must do it as rightly said "at the right time and place", with some passion, some determination and dedication, some compassion, little humor and a bit of style.

Time management means to organize your time and schedule your tasks to give them equal time and to bring effectiveness and efficiency in the work, whereas Determination is a driving force that leads us to the energetic confident, the fire in the soul to work upon our dreams and desires, to make them come true.


We all are lost in the storm of time; however, our determination can give us the hold over it. We must plan the schedule and manage our time efficiently, without being busy, with determination, passion and with hard work.

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